NEAT Fix for GroupWise MIME & GWIA gateway (NGWFIX1.NLM)

Problem: "My users complain about part.00x attachments"

Solution: Apply "NGWFIX1" from NEAT


Problem description

Novell’s GroupWise MIME Gateway and the new 5.x Internet Agent both contain an implementation error of the MIME specification (RFC-1521). As a result of this error some attachments (i.e. Word Documents and AVI files) loose the original filename. When the GroupWise gateway does not find an attachment name it defaults to "" where xxx is the attachment number within the message.


We @ NEAT have created a solution for this problem. The solution consists of a Netware Loadable Module (NLM) which settles between the MIME Gateway and the SMTP Daemon fixing all inbound messages, which GroupWise would not understand.


NEAT is historicaly a rather large user of different gateway products. NEAT services all infrastructure for EMSwitch, which is a European Gateway provider. The EMSwitch service for GroupWise handles more then 10,000 messages (approx 500 Mb) per day. Whenever a standard product is not suitable to handle this kind of traffic like it is supposed to do, we write custom software to perform the tasks as needed.

Evaluation and registration

A 30 days evaluation version is available, which you can use to check whether you can satisfy your GroupWise users. You will be notified by the program when the expiration date has been reached. After the evaluation version has expired, the program will transfer messages transparantly without fixing attachment   names.
NGWFIX1 cannot be downloaded but can be sent to you upon request by filling out the orderform.


30 days evaluation version



NGWFIX1 for a 10 user GroupWise system $ 100.00

NGWFIX1 for a 25 user GroupWise system



NGWFIX1 for a 100 user GroupWise system



NGWFIX1 for a 250 user GroupWise system



NGWFIX1 for an unlimited number of users GroupWise system




Orders can be placed by fax, postal service or by online ordering on this page.
Payments can be made by 3 major creditcards: AMEX,  EURO/MASTER. & VISA

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